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Update May 14, 2009:
A great tit discovered unit 5 of the new common swift nestbox











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On the live cam page of Henk Klaassen I found a function that I was looking for since almost a year...
Thanks to Theo Gerrits
I finally managed to show camera images on this page made by 4 mini cameras.
We have a total of 4 mini-cams; the first 2 in Common Swift nestboxes (top 5
& 4), and below are two nestboxes for the Great~ or Tomtit... (The lower right cam is offline during our night hours)

Unfortunately, there's nothing much going on here (yet), the nestbox of the Great Tit has been explored a lot but they went for another location in the area this time.

The Common Swift nestbox "Klein Quarakter" (klein means small) we first had, was discovered and visited by a Great Tit around October 2008, and they sometimes still come, sometimes to hide for bad weather, sometimes to steal grass I put in there for future Common Swifts who hopefully will discover the nestbox someday too.
This nestbox is changed for another Great~ or Tomtit nestbox with camera number 5 in it.

The double Common Swift nestbox, named "De Landerijen" with compartment 5 & 4 was mounted April this year and found its place below the roof gutter... 
This was made possible by Kruiswijk
& den Boer and Ton Ottevanger has filled almost 2 hours in the Aerial access platform with my husband Gerrit in front of the wall... Thank you Ton
You can watch photos of both projects. 


Common Swift nestbox, unit 5
Common Swift nestbox, unit 4
Common Swift nestbox, "Klein Quarakter"
Great Tit nestbox

2009 Mar van der Stelt
Krimpen aan den IJssel